Welcome to www.356.org. This site was created when I began restoring my Porsche 356. She is a 1960 356B Cabriolet. This site contains a photo journal of the experience and will one day include helpful information for others trying to restore a 356. This will include information on parts and restoration.

Please be patient and feel free to make suggestions. admin@356.org

This is the saga...

Phase 1: From 1995 to early 1998 not much happened.

photos coming shortly...

Phase 2: February - March 1998. Real restoration begins: I gave up on doing it by myself and took her up to Dink Farmer in Ukiah. The guy is an artist. All he does is 356 restoration.


Phase 3: October 1998. Work continues. Slowly...


Phase 4: August 1999. Much progress has been made.


Phase 5: 2000. She's done! She's beautiful!

Photos coming RSN...

2006 Update.

I found and registered a 1960 California license plate. It makes such a difference. It really completes the look.